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  02 June 2017 - Almost able to create a (ungeared) character :: Posted in d20 project

For the last two weeks I've been working a few hours a day on the d20 project again and things are going quite well at the moment. I'm even at the point to make the announcement that I'm close to finishing the basic character creation To get this done I had to make a character sheet (from UI elements), create a character as I would when playing Dungeons & Dragons with pen-and-paper and see what's missing or not going as it should (good thing I've played [Advanced] Dungeons & Dragons for almost 3 decades ).

When running the character sheet, I can add a basic class and occupation. The occupation can only be selected as long as your character has no XP, and the skills and feats that come with it do influence those of your basic class. Having selected both occupation and basic class you can add points to your skills. Also stuff like AC, saving throws and Base Attack are calculated completely automatically - no need for you to spend any time (or when you're using the d20 project as plugin, extra code) to it.
When your character levels up, new skill points and (bonus) feats become available to choose from, as well as the option to pick a new class (basic or advanced - if you match the requirements for it). The only error I found so far is that I forgot that every level the character gains it'll get a free feat and am currently busy adding that (it's kinda like the bonus feat code but with a few changes).

I think somewhere next week I've finished the basics. I will then take a week to fully test it and see if I can find any errors in the mechanics and/or code. If I can't find one. I'll make the program (not code!) available for all to test is more thoroughly, while I'll start on adding the whole inventory and gearing system. I already have both coded, but now I need to implement it as part of gearing up the character and let the character 'use' it all.
And speaking of using, I also need to implement skill and feat usage. Though I think this might be pretty simple, because all I need to do is check DC and roll a couple of virtual dice

Last but not least, I've implemented ExtensionMethods for the plugin. This way you don't really need to know how I've coded the whole thing, but instead use simple methods to get the stuff done, while the code behind it does all the calculation, adding/removing of items to the massive amounts of Lists<> used and such.

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  13 November 2016 - GEOvox and RPG project start :: Posted in Unity3D

I know it's been very quiet the last few months from my side, but that's because of therapy and meds kicking in (with extreme fatigue as a side effect). None the less, I am busy on things and one of them is creating a MASSIVE map with GEOvox for a (hopefully) upcoming RPG I'll be making with my brother.

The maps I'm creating at the moment is a dwarven hold, which will resamble one of the many landmarks from the pen-n-paper RPG we've played back in teh early 90s and which is a creation of my brother. Luckily he still has a lot of lore (on paper) available from that world and luckily I still had the 2D map (made with Campaigh Cartographer) in .BMP format.

While I do realize that RPG projects are one of the most failed gaming projects around, my brother and I both decided to give it a go and see where things will go. If for some reason the project takes to long or will fail, at least we did get a lot of experience out of it and can use it for future projects

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  14 September 2016 - Re-coding TetraGems is more work than expected :: Posted in TetraGems (released)

Like I did with Burst-a-Bubble, I'm busy re-coding TetraGems to remove the old 2D Toolkit from it. For TetraGems it'll take quite a bit longer though because of some (noob) decisions I've made back in the days, as well as some 'forced' decisions. Let me walk through these noob and 'forced' decisions...

  • Camera issues. Yes, this was a real noob decision on my side. What was I thinking to give the 2D Toolkit camera a size of 600x720 pixels while my phone had a resolution of 720p? With that, the position of the sprites on the grid were so off that I was constantly correcting their location to match the grid. Needless to say I'm now using a 720p resolution with Unity's 2D engine AND have moved the camera along a bit so that the lower-left corner of the grid matches it's (0,0) location. This way I can multiply the grid's location by 40 to get the location on the camera.
  • Self-build collider. This was one of those 'forced' decisions. When I started using 2D Toolkit, there was no 2D in the Unity engine, and one of the short comings of 2D Toolkit is that when I rotate a sprite (i.e. the Tetris block), the collider box didn't rotate along with it. Today I tested the Unity 2D collider box and IT DOES rotate when I rotate the sprite!
  • Breaking down the Tetris block into 4 bits. An other noob decision and while it seemed handy at the time, I didn't take performance into account. With the coming update I will remove those weirdo bits to form the Tetris block (also because the collider now works as it should), which will increase the game's performance with 50% to 75%
  • Database saving. One of those other 'forced' decisions. Back in the day there was no Google Games Service that'd store stuff like highscores and achievements (which I still need to implement BTW), so I made a connection with my own database to get that job done. And while I'm not yet implementing Google Games Services, I will eventually implement it (most likely in 2 or 3 versions down the road).

  • As you can see, there's still enough to do to re-code TetraGems, and therefor I can't give a date yet on the WHEN for a new release. At this moment I'm just taking it easy on the whole re-coding thing by (trying to) spend about 2 hours a day on it. At least I know now where I need to make my modifications and I certainly hope that those will work out just fine.
    With that, the falling of the Tetris blocks and the alignment of the gems is already working perfectly in the ned Unity 2D environment. But beause I just figured out that the Unity 2D collider boxes DO rotate along with the sprite, there's a lot of work ahead now to make it all work perfectly (meaning - more code to re-write )

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      03 September 2016 - Removing 2D Toolkit in favor of Unity's 2D implementation :: Posted in Burst-a-Bubble (project)

    A couple of months ago when I was busy re-coding TetraGems, I figured how I could make Burst-a-Bubble fun, or at least more fun than how I imagined the game to be in the first place. By now I've started coding Burst-a-Bubble again, but before I can implement my new ideas on the game I do need to make some other changes...

    Those changes include the complete removal of the 2D Toolkit from the game and make the game 100% based on Unity's 2D support. And while 2D Toolkit is not a bad plugin for Unity, I think it has served it's prupose for me by now.
    I started using Unity back in November 2013, when there was no 2D support at all from Unity's sid, and the 2D toolkit was the only way to implement 2D graphics. When Unity started to implement 2D graphics, the wireframes of the sprites were all over the place, making games unneccisary slow (and most certainly on older Android devices). But Unity has come a long way since then and it's 2D implementation has improved a lot!

     photo BaB Unity2D 20160903_zpsbvyaippl.png photo BaB 2Dtoolkit 20160903_zpskkgms68a.png

    The image above shows the 2 different ways of coding (left Unity's 2D and right 2D Toolkit). As you can see, 2D Toolkit still has a better wireframe than Unity's 2D implementation (1 wire against 5 in Unity's 2D), but Unity's 2D implementation has a lot of other plusses that I can't seem to get to work with 2D Toolkit (and that's not to bad-mouth 2D Toolkit - I still think it's an awesome plugin!).
    The most important reason to switch to Unity's 2D is the new UI system that has been implemented with version 4.6. This UI system is awesome (on the right side of the Unity image and it has a minimum wireframe) and so far I haven't been able to use it effectively with 2D Toolkit (trust me, I tried it with TetraGems' main game routine). An other BIG PLUS for Unity's 2D is that when I change the resolution of the game when it's running (or rather rotate my Android phone and thus go from landscape to portrait or vice-versa), the resolution stays the same, while in 2D Toolkit changes to the new situation.

    Sadly though, with this transition of 2D engine, I do have to re-code a lot of things in Burst-a-Bubble. For starters, where in 2D Toolkit I can use sprite collections and just say that I want sprite number <X>, in Unity 2D I need to move all sprites to the resources and each change of sprite has to be loaded from that location. Also, where in 2D Toolkit I could just drop a sprite(collection) to the (outside of the visible) screen and instantiate things from there to the game, in Unity's 2D I need to create actual prefabs of these things and instantiate them from there to the screen, and with 7 colors of Bubbles in the game that means 7 pre-fabs against 1 sprite(collection) on the screen with 2D Toolkit.
    Last but not least, where 2D Toolkit has a 2D implementation of a TEXT MESH, Unity's 2D does not have such a thing. I tried to use a 3D Text mesh, but sadly those appear BEHIND the 2D sprites and thus are useless. The only way to implement 2D text iin Unity's 2D is by using the new UI ystem.

    By now I've removed most of the 2D Toolkit from Burst-a-Bubble and as you can see on the left picture, the bubbles appear on the screen already. However, I still need to re-code the drag & drop functions of the Bubbles, because I frankly removed the 2D Toolkit implementation from the bubbles the hard way, and they don't do sh*t at the moment  

    Removing 2D Toolkit from the Burst-a-Bubble project will also be a good trial for TetraGems. I still aim to remove it from that game as well, but I'm afraid of several pitfals that might happen. I hope that Burst-a-Bubble will be a good 'experiment' to succesfully remove 2D Toolkit from TetraGems as wel

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      28 August 2016 - Tetragems version 0.96 released :: Posted in TetraGems (released)

    It's taken me a while, but the new version of TetraGems is readyt and released on the Google's Play store. Below is a list of the most important fixes and changes.

  • Removed the game's autorisations for Phone and Device ID & Call information (have no clue how they ended up in the previous version to start with)
  • Updated the AdMob advertisement system to the current 'standard'
  • Optimized the code by giving the menu system and the actual game their own scene
  • Using the new Unity3D UI system, offering more flexibility to make changes later
  • Implemented encryption for the data storage on your Android device
  • Convert stored data to the new encryption system

  • There is one issue that I am aware of where on certain devices the leaderboard (top-20 world high scores) will not fit into the bit 'O' block.

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      28 August 2016 - Merging blogs :: Posted in General

    With my decision not to focus (and thus stress) too much on developing games (see my post earlier this month) to avoid stress and get too many mood swings from my bi-polar disorder, I've just merged the old AE games blog into this one.

    However, I also stated that I'd be (silently) closing the AE games Facebook page, but I've changed my mind about that. Eventhough I'll be closing the AEgam.es site, I will keep using the trademark I own on AEgames and thus still have some use for the facebook page. This will also mean that I'll include the facebook button that's currently on the AEgam.es site into this one.

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      08 August 2016 - ALL PROJECTS ON HOLD INDEFINITELY :: Posted in General

    I've been diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome and ADD back in 2009, but I always felt that was not all there was to me. Only recently I've been diagnosed with a bi-polar disorder, which is most likely the missing piece of the puzzle of my mental state of mind. The last 20 years my moods have been going up and down like that of a 7 month pregnant woman (no offense to the female readers), and the cycle in which the mood changes happen went from about a year to around 3 months now. That does not mean that I have 90 'good days' and 90 'bad days' - it's just the general state of my mind, with peaks both up and down from one minute to the other at times.

    Earlier today I've had yet an other such peak in the form of a very sudden deep depression. It was that bad that I gave my wife my wedding ring and I was about to walk out the door never to return. Good thing she was there to talk me out of it. The next 2 hours suicidal thoughts were on my mind constantly and I had to restrain myself not to take the pills that I have lying around the house, or just grab some knife and start cutting myself. Instead I just used my nails to inflict the pain I was yearning for...

    This all is somewhat related to my programming work. I can only work on my prejects when I'm doing well and with those times getting shorter and shorter, the progress will become very slow. Not to mention, the stress caused my the need to code and deliver the project to the public is not doing my mental state any good either.

    Of course, programming is still one of my greatest hobbies, and I will keep programming. I just will not make any big projects like the d20 project, or the re-coding of TetraGems and complete overhaul of Burst-a-Bubble. That's just the stress I can't need anymore and I have to put it down for that reason. Will I completely quit making games? Not at all! I just won't be making announcements or anything like that, and when I think the game I made is good enough, I'll just drop it on you all.
    With that, the main site of my programming activities (AE games) will be closed down as well later this year, as well as a (silent) closure of the Facebook page I created for it. I will keep my twitter account, but don't expect a lot of tweets from me there...

    Then TetraGems... I was busy re-coding it and it's basically ready on the 1st stage. I will make some (simple) modifications to code to so that the highscores, which are stored through the aegam.es site, will stay available after the closure of the site. I can't tell any date yet for that release though - it all depends on how I'm doing...

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