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  26 February 2014 - Bought RPG Maker VX Ace twice :: Posted in RPG Maker VX Ace
It's one program on Steam that I've been watching for a while already, but never took the time to actually buy it. I know, it's been on sale for a couple of times already, and this week, RPG Maker VX Ace is on sale once again and this time with 75% off. And though I'm still working on TetraGems, I figured if I wanted to make a RPG as next project, this would be the best time to buy it.

And so, this morning I bought myself a copy of RPG Maker XV Ace, downloaded it (it's not even 300Mb in size ). Almost right after I bought it, my brother hopped in on Steam chat (he saw I bought it), and asked tactically if it was a purchase for his b-day next month (he has RPG Maker VX Ace on his Steam wish list). Well, the moment it shows on my Steam profile as bought, I actually have bought it and not dropped it as gift in my inventory. And with him using his wish list on Steam quite like I do (slightly interested), I didn't even think about asking how badly he wanted it. Well, he kinda told me that since I didn't buy it as gift on Steam, he'd buy it himself.

Now wait a sec bro!

I always have trouble getting a gift for your b-day. Mostly things you want you buy and forget about asking it for your b-day in the first place (I'm kinda the same as well ). So I told him NOT to buy it, but instead I'd buy it for him as early b-day gift for him. Though we're still a month away from his b-day, I decided to give it to him immediately so he could start playing with it immediately (and teach me later on how to use it, like I will teach him Unity3D ).

When I fired up RPG Maker VX Ace later today, I was a bit interested in the scripting language used. I heard it would be using Ruby and I wanted to make sure. And yes, it indeed does use Ruby as scripting language. Then I thought to check Spine if that would support Ruby, and it does. But I'm not sure how to use Spine with RPG Maker VX Ace (yet). But Spine having Ruby support is already a great PLUS - now it has moved to the top of my 'want-to-buy' list.

There is one thing though I will not buy for RPG Maker VX Ace though. That's the DLC that's available for the program. Though there are a lot of great DLC packages, I want to make my own RPG and not use some pre-made models (which is also why I checked if Spine would work with Ruby).

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