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  19 October 2014 - New project: Droid Quest :: Posted in Droid Quest (project)
Last month I spoke about my upcoming game and the features it'd get and now with TetraGems being out of it's beta I made an actual start with it. But I'm already making a couple of changes to the initial concept I had in mind...

First and foremost, it's not going be about a penguin or any other animal/human being. Instead I decided to make the story about a cute little robot. This change is important because I want to set the game in the far future and let my Sci-Fi imagination free on it

An other change I'll be making is the way the layered mazes will work. At first I wanted to make levels with multple layers, but I decided to make them larger instead and let the levels interconnect with each other. This means that when you have finished a level, you might not yet have finished the maze and need to come back to it later on in the game. This will also imply that you'll most likely encounter things on earlier on in the game that you can't yet use or even reach until you have progressed farther in the game.

With the mazes being interconnected with each other there's certainly a need for a story and I will present one in the game. I will even give it a try to make movies between the mazes that'll tell some of the story and give information and hints on how your story is progressing.

Last but not least, the platforms this game will be released on. Initially I will release the game for Windows and Android (you need a strong phone / tablet for it for sure!) and after that I'll port the game to PlayStation Vita. In the far future I might even release this game for Linux, Mac and iOS as well (if I get the hardware to test it on).

Obviously, Droid Quest is just the project name. I still have no clue on how to call the game in the end, but for now Droid Quest will do to give an idea what the game is about

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