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  26 October 2014 - TetraGems 0.91 released :: Posted in TetraGems (released)
I've been keeping an eye on the database that holds the high scores and player names, and all seems to work well there. So for now that's all working as intended, though I am working on some added security on the server side scripts...

However, there was 1 cosmetic bug that I found. When adding the colouring of the leaderboard, I forgot to change the size of the font I'm using for the date the score was made. This resulted in a slight asynchronic list. Of course, this was easy to correct and I've done so.

And while at it, I realized that the web player version of TetraGems was a couple of months old. It still played the 0.71 version With the addition of the player profile on the 0.90 version, I had to adjust the code so that there's no profile made by the web player.

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