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  30 October 2014 - Choice of 3D program made :: Posted in 3D modelling
Last week I wrote about my start with 3D modelling and the use of RaySupreme 3D. Well, that program is ditched for sure. It is extremely buggy with regular crashes (mostly on deleting stuff) and the added materials are just there for show, because I can't export them at all with the 3D models I've made

Therefore I've been searching for other programs. One I had as advice was Shade 3D. The program looks very professional, but I just can't get used to it. The 3D models only show the edges and that's too abstract for me to work with. I'm sure there's an option to see the 3D models with their surfaces, but I just couldn't find the option to toggle is I also gave Wings3D a try, but that one just doesn't give a good feeling when using it. I'm sure the program is very good as well, but I just didn't get the 'click' with it...

As a last resort I picked up Blender once again and after playing with it a bit I managed to get it working in a way I can use it. The most important thing I need to get a 3D program to do is edit the shape of the surface and actually see what I'm doing (as said earlier, I'm pretty visually minded - I need to see what's going on).

Having played a bit with Blender for the last two hours, I think I've managed to get hold of the basic 3D modelling options and I'm about to make a serious start to make the objects I need for my upcoming game. Of course, these objects will be a bit rough at start, but I will make them look better and add textures as well along the way. The most important thing right now is that I can start making the levels for the game and test-play the rough mechanics...

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