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  04 January 2015 - Manga for Dummies #3 :: Posted in Drawing art
I've done an other attempt on sketching the basic manga models. This time I also included the male models (bottom row).

I gotta say that drawing the female models went a lot better (and faster) than yesterday. This time I only looked at the book a couple of time as a reference to remind me where the ears had to go (only to avoid to put them up too high ).

 photo MangaLessons1b-1_zps7f3aecf7.png

The male models as a first attempt I think went pretty well too. I'm only not overly found of how the right one looks. The edge of the face at the left side has a bit too much of a curve...

I've also added more layers to the picture than I did yesterday. This time I used 4 layers in total, using the 1st one for the guiding lines, the 2nd one for the ovals, the 3rd one for the facial contours and the 4th one for the ears and neck.

Tomorrow I'll make an other set of these models, and when that goes well I'll continue with the next part of the book: the eyes. This one will be quite a challenge I think because of the complexity of the human (and manga ) eye.

Oh, the above sketch I made in 60 minutes. That's a lot faster than I did yesterday with over 2 hours for only 3 models...

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