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  06 January 2015 - Manga for Dummies #4 :: Posted in Drawing art
After having (somewhat) mastered drawing the face contours, it's time to start on the eyes. In the book is seems pretty daunting, but the basics are not. It's just a bunch of ovals set at the right place (hurray for stencils ) and then draw a couple of lines to the centre of the ovals.

 photo MangaLessons2a-1_zps469b88d7.png

Only that last part is what makes it a bit difficult. I can't really over do the number of lines in the iris, and I can't add too few lines.  I also have to keep in mind that some lines have to be longer than the others and some have to be drawn darker than others. With that, the side few of the eye also had a bit of a challenge too. Here I couldn't add straight lines, but they had to be curved a bit to show the view from the side...

And while at it, I also experimented a bit with the pencil settings. ArtRage has a couple of nice settings that influence how the pencil behaves. These settings are Pressure, Softness and Tilt Angle and they seem important to use with delicate things like the eye.

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