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  11 January 2015 - Manga for Dummies #6 - the eyes (again) :: Posted in Drawing art
I know I said I would not post this weekend's attempt on drawing the eyes, but I just have to. Sadly, Friday and Saturday I didn't have too much time and today not that much either. But I really wanted to make a new set of eyes.

This time I took a closer look at ArtRage and found out that I could change the number of pixels per inch. By default it's set to 72, and I figured that when drawing eyes of around 1 inch it would be way too low. There for I set the number of pixels per inch to 144 this time.

 photo MangaLessons2c-1_zps80e07787.png

I also changed the approach of the eyelashes. Where last time I draw them somewhat forced per lash, this time I started with the above line and from there on made it thicker until it looked pretty real. I also make a rough guide line to set the approximate length of the eye lashes. Using this new technique, I think the eyelashes look a lot better than the previous ones.

I honestly am extremely content with the eye on the right. I think that one really hits the nail! The one on the left looks good, but I think a few small things could have done better (or that's my perfectionism talking now ).

Coming week I'll practice on the nose and mouth, but from what I've seen, those two things are extremely easy to draw in manga. If it's really as simple as I think (hope) it is, I will start making a full face by the end of the week...

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