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  01 April 2015 - About development updates (and a bit about me) :: Posted in General

You might have noticed that I'm giving unregulated updates about the development progress on the social media (this blog, Facebook and twitter). Mostly I post a lot of updates in a couple of days, only to be followed by a week of silence. Let me (try to) explain why this is...

First of all, programming is a hobby of mine and I want to keep it like that. It's not a profession where I have to work on the games I'm developing each and every day, but that doesn't say I won't try to work around 4 to 5 days a week on my projects for at least 3 hours a day...

With that, I'm also a full autodidact when it comes to programming. Aside from a quick course PHP/MySQL I took in 2008 (more to learn to work with databases than to learn to program ), I have never followed a single lesson. This all started back in '83 when I was only 14 and started to play on ZX Spectrums and Commodore 64 to get to know BASIC. From there on I've also learned to program in ASM (Atari 800XL) Pascal and C (x86 machines) and now Unity3D/C#, with the last one being completely different (OOP) from what I was used to in the past. With not having taken any lessons in programming at all, it does mean that I have to do a lot of trial & error, which slows down development a lot at times (like now, where I had to figure out how to use List<t> in the Bubbles project).

Then there's the issue of my handicap(s). Oh yes, I have more than one - lucky me
The first 'set' is Asperger syndrome and ADD. This combination is pretty uncommon and at times totally no fun at all. So let me start with the bad part of it: CHAOS, and lots of it. Thoughts raze through my brain without any structure. When I suffer from chaos, I simply sit for the computer and just play games or listen to music just to relax - there's not much more I can do.
The other side of the combination of Asperger syndrome and ADD is hyperfocus.And while ADD is an attention disorder (and thus lacking a focus on most things for a long time), it does give spurs of focus. Asperger syndrome on the other hand (like most forms of autism) has it's focus on only a couple of subjects. Lucky for me, my hobby is a major part of the focus from my Asperger syndrome. And the 2 focuses from Asperger syndrome and ADD combined gives me a HUGE hyperfocus when I'm programming.

I was talking about handicaps. If you're following my gaming blog Pages from Sages, you might have noticed that lately I'm talking about chronic fatigue and chronic pain syndrome. Sadly last 8 month these two have been bugging me a lot up to a point where I'm even too fatigued or suffering too much pain in my hands to even use my PC (or PlayStation 3 to play games for that matter). Even worse is that the condition has been there already for years (thanks to the long-term B12 deficiency I had), but those last 8 months I've noticed that they're progressing rapidly. I am under care of a reumatologist for it now and I hope that I'll get a definitive medical diagnose later this year and (more importantly) that there's a cure for them.

In all, if you don't hear from me about progress in development for a week or two, don't get worried. I'm still working on the projects, but as you can see, sometimes things are slowed down. I have set 'deadlines' for my projects that I know I can make (won't mention them openly though for obvious reasons ) to make sure the development of my projects will continue. And yes, I have to adjust them from time to time, but I'll make sure that I won't go into years like Square-Enix does

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