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  31 May 2015 - Digital paper preferred :: Posted in Drawing art

It's been quite some time since I wrote about my attempts to pick up drawing again, but that doesn't mean I haven't been drawing. Actually, last couple of weeks I've been drawing quite a lot, but it's not been 'just for fun', but to make art for the 'Bubbles project'. While making the art for the 'Bubbles project' (for which I'm bow busy making the game's name logo), I noticed that more and more my drawing was getting better. Though it's still not what it was, but I think by the end of the year I've rivaled my old (school times) drawing skills, and I found out why: digital paper.

Why is that digital paper so important for me? I think because I never really took lessons in drawing, other than that one hour a week at school, I never really learned how to use and apply layers in the right way on physical paper. And looking at my use of layers in ArtRage, I don't think I want to learn it anymore either...

Layers on digital paper are so easy to use. I start with a very rough sketch on what I want to make. The next layer I'll get more the the actual drawing I want to make, where I add lines around the rough sketch in the previous layer. While doing that, I'll lower opacity to 25% of the raw sketch and I see the image that I have envisioned in my mind come to life on paper. The next layer is one where I add color and the final adjustments on lines, and depending on the kind or drawing I want to make, I'll use the previous layer's lines in this one or just keep this layer as main layer. Then I'll add one or two more layers for what is probably the most important part of the drawing: shading and reflections.

At this point I have described only 4 or 5 layers, but certain parts of my drawings will be set in a different layer to make editing it at a later point easier. No need to erase parts with the fear of ruining an other part of the drawing, because that's in an other layer.

When 'm finally done, I hide all layers I'm not using (the raw sketch for sure and most likely the next one with lines as well) and I'm ready to export the drawing as a PNG file. Or in the case of art for the 'Bubbles project', I'll merge all layers down (after having saved the drawing of course ) and I'll export the current layer so that I have the transparency around the art I've made.

All this with digital paper I could never have managed with physical paper. Or I could, but it'd take me days which takes me now only hours, and honestly, I don't have that much patience to get something done...

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