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  13 December 2015 - Hive-mind AI :: Posted in General

I'm still not feeling 100% and thus not ready to get back to coding, but it feels like I'm getting there slowly. It certainly shows when I get ideas on mechanics that I can use in future games (read: the RPG I want to make).

Yesterday all of a sudden I had a brainsurge that gave me rough lines on how to make a hive-mind AI. And as said, though I'm not ready to start coding it yet, I can trust these mechanics to paper on how they roughly work for future use. And while thinking about these mechanics, the mechanics are getting more and more clear to me.

So how does the hive-mind work..?

First off there's a Queen (or any other main 'intelligence') that controls the hive. This is the main NPC that the hive will protect no matter what. Around that Queen there are workers to fulfull her needs (healing/buffs in game mechanics) and only a few of these workers are normally alloweed to be around herm while other workers in the hive will tend to maintaining the hive itself. These workers have little to no offensive or defensive power and willnot engage in combat by theirself, unless it's a last-resort to defend theirself.

Then you have the warriors. These are (of course) the main force to protect the hive. A small group of these warriors are elites and in the hive 24/7 to protect the area aroudn the Queen, while the other warriors roam around the surroundings of the hive to protect the workers who are gathering food and resources.

In combat the warriors will (obviously) be the ones who will fight off the enemy they face, while most of the workers will retreat to the hive (if possible). The small number of workers that stay behind will mainly heal/buff the warriors and (from a save distance) help the warriors to debuff the enemy.

That's the hive-mind AI in very rough lines. There's more spinning around my head and I will work it out on (digital) paper the coming days/weeks. And as said, I will use this in a future game. Be it the RPG I want to make (I can use it for any NPC that lives in groups, be it ants, goblins or small animal packs) or some strategy game I might make in the future.

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