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  30 January 2016 - Blender (for Dummies) :: Posted in 3D modelling

I've been playing with Blender for a while now and I still thikn I'm a total beginner. Blender has so much to offer that I think my skill is that of a child who just got around stacking LEGO™ blocks and has no clue it can't make a house with them...

Therefor I've bough the book Blender for Dummies already quite a while ago. But until recently I didn't have the concentration to actually get started on it. And while my concentration still fails me often, I did make a start with the book already. Okay, I've just done the introductions fo the UI and shortkeys that Blender offers, but the start is there...

Why the sudden interest for Blender..? It's quite easy actually... I've made one 2D game already and have 2 more in projects running, but I feel that 2D is too limiting for me. Most ideas I come up with need the Z-axis as well. And though I can emulate 3D in a 2D environment by adding layers, I wondered why I'd make things that hard for myself when Unity3D is basically a 3D engine. The only problem though (as described above) is that I lack good skills to model in 3D, and that's where the book comes in...

I have already set a couple of goals for myself (which are covered in the book) for myself to reach...
1. I want to be able to make animations. And with this I don't mean full-fledged characters that walk, jump and do things in game (though it eventually will be a goal ), but simple thing slike doors opening and such.
2. Paint the models I've made. And not just drop a color on it per side, but paint it with tools like Substance Painter (for which I already have a license). And talking about Substance Painter, I also have 2 other tools from Allegorithmic that I'll need to learn to use as well: Substance Designer and Bitmap2Material, but those will come in good time
3. Make characters for my games. Yeah, I know under point #1 I said it wasn't what I meant by animations, but it will be the ultimate goal to make my own characters from Blender and animate them the way I see fit. And when I have mastered that, my ultimate goal to make a RPG will come a whole lot closer as well...

And what about Burst-a-Bubble and the Droid Quest project..? I already have kinda mothballed Burst-a-Bubble as a PC game. I might finish it later on as Android only game on a later date, but it's no proirity for me right now. As for the Droid Quest project, well, that's kinda why I've started with the Blender for Dummies book - that game was intended to be a 3D game in the first place...

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