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  05 July 2016 - Re-coding TetraGems :: Posted in TetraGems (released)

It's been a year since I last looked at the TetraGems code, but now I really need to work on it. The main reason for not having spend too much time on TetraGems is the d20 project, which is coming along just fine and twice the thought to abandone the Unity3D engine in favor of the Unreal engine (this is not gonna happen anymore BTW).

Why the sudden attention for TetraGems while I'm currently at an other project I hear you wonder.
To put it simple, I've received a message from Google Play that the AdMob (advertisement) plugin I'm using will expire in a couple of months. This means I need to implement a newer version of the AdMob plugin, which has changed to the core. Basically, I need to implement the full Google Play store now into TetraGems to display the ads from AdMobs
Though the implementation of the full Google Play store will take some time for me to figure out how it works, it also comes with a couple of nice opportunities. One of them is that I can move the Leaderboard function from my own database into the Google Play environment (if possible). An other one is to implement achievements (which I've been thinking about from day #1 that I started on TetraGems, and yet again, if possible).

Yes, I realize I can easily just implement the new Google Play store, but there's still a HUGE list of things that I wanted to change on TetraGems as well.
   First and formost, that weird glitch that's still there and I coded around (it now has a very small chance to happen), I will kill for sure.
   Secondly, I've been thinking to add some nice animations when you crush Gems, which I can now implement as well.
   Thirdly, I want to add some nice 'fluff' to the game to make it look even more appealing.
And it's the 3rd change that requires a full recode of the game. The changes that I want to implement will not work with the 2Dtoolkit plutin I'm using and instead I have to use Unity's 2D implementation. Removing the whole 2Dtoolkit means that all gems (sprites) used have to be redone and the code around them has to be removed and changed into Unity native code. Not to mention, the last version of TetraGems was made with Unity version 5.1.1 and the current version is 5.3.5 with 5.4 already in beta

The changes to TetraGems will come one at a time though over the coming months. I know I've promised that before and then abandoned the updates, but with the changes that I'll be making (and am forced to make because of Google Play and possible incompatabilities with the newer Unity engine version), I do need to keep going on TetraGems right now. And honestly, I think it's a good thing that I've learned a lot the last year working on both the d20 project and the Burst-a-Bubble Project...

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