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  27 March 2013 - E-mail verify up & running :: Posted in I am Blog (canceled project)
Todays addition to the I am Blog project was a big one. I've managed to create a full-proof e-mail verify system that's used for new users as well as for users who have changed their e-mail address.

When you're signing on to I am Blog as a new user, you will receive an automated e-mail with a link to verify the existence of the e-mail address. This link has to be used within 24 hours after it is sent.

When you're an existing used and you change your e-mail address, two automated e-mail messages will be sent. One will be sent to the old e-mail address, telling there's a request to change your e-mail address into the new one. The other will be sent to the new e-mail address, again with a link to verify the existence of the e-mail address and it'll be valid for 24 hours as well.

So far all the verify tests went well, aside from the 24 hour expiration test. This I'll test tomorrow, but from the looks of it and the way I've setup the 24 hour limit I think I'll be okay with it

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