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  03 March 2014 - Learning through Trial & Error :: Posted in RPG Maker VX Ace
'Two know more than one' is the phrase, and that's all too true.

With my brother and me both having RPG Maker VX Ace now, we're both experimenting with all that's possible. In the mean time we have also found a lot of scripts we can use, and we're especially found of those from Victor Sant. The only problem with his scripts though is that documentation is very limited on how to use them. This means that my brother and I really have to experiment with what we thing is right

Because of all the experimenting we do, we learn through trial and error. And with each thing learned we're trying something else to push the boundaries of what RPG Maker can do without too much scripting of our own (at the moment - we will be scripting for sure later on ).

One of those trial and error examples are the Pixel Movement plugins that Victor has made. The Moving Platform plugin is giving a couple of real nice options, but to tell that the documentation is clear for a complete newbee to RPG Maker - not really I myself tried to figure out this plugin and tried to replicate that teleport back to the side after falling and here's what I came up with.
 photo Screenshot2014-03-02204638_zps9dc24e95.png photo Screenshot2014-03-02204610_zpsd2438848.png
It was in general the script in the 2nd picture that I wondered if things could not be easier, but at least it did work. When I later watched the movie that came in full with the plugin, I wondered how the script I made could even be used if the player is somewhere in the middle of a void spot on a platform that disappears. It was only until I was working on the cliff that I found out how the teleport feature in the plugin works. Instead of that whole script thing I made, the easiest way to get the teleport back to the save side is <return to safe position>, which I obviously have added to the script now

Then the cliff. That was somewhat harder to do, and I had to read through the comments and the (small) manual that's included in the script to figure that one out. I started like I did with the fall routine, marking tiles and then make a common event to get it triggered. But all I did, nothing worked. When I took a closer look at one of the screensshots in the comments of the plugin I found out I was doing it all the wrong way around I immediately started working on how that screenshot was built and here's what I came up with..
 photo Screenshot2014-03-03123614_zps3cb516a9.png
This approach I'm using map regions to perform actions, while marking them with the 'script tags' in the notes. This while I thought that those map regions were only used for random encounters After going through the manual included in the script I found out that I could also use the map regions for falling and even set a common event ID to run after a fall (either into the void or from the cliff) occurs. This way I'm no longer bound to only 8 tags per map thought the tiles, I can use up to 71 (63 from the map and 6 from the tiles) different events.

I think this only shows how 'powerful' RPG Maker is if you take time to read through documentation and try lots of things and not being afraid to make errors. The only thing that still bothers me though is that extreme small screen used. The default resolution is 640x480, and I have found a script that 'blows up' to higher resolutions and emulates fullscreen, but the size of the number of tiles shown on the screen stays the same

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