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  16 October 2014 - TetraGems 0.90 released :: Posted in TetraGems (released)
The last couple of days have been pretty busy for me. I've created a logo for TetraGems, both for the game and for use on the Google Play store, and I have also been working on finishing the 0.90 release for TetraGems.

Though I was already done programming on version 0.90, I found a bug yesterday. Though not a severe one, it would kinda looks silly to you. The bug was related to the leaderboard, where only one score would be displayed if you didn't update TetraGems 0.81 (or older) to the new 0.90 version. To get around this I had to let TetraGems tell it's version to the server, and if it's the 0.90 version the new leaderboard format would be sent, while if no version was sent to the server, the old format would be sent.

So what's new..? Patch notes are below
- Dropped beta status
- Fixed long name issue on the leaderboard
- Your personal scores will show in a different color on the leaderboard
- An online profile to keep track of scores will always be made
- Players who have not changed their 'Profile Name' will show up as '** Anonymous **' on leaderboard
- Game preference settings are saved now
- Moved controls a tiny bit to fix issies on certain devices
- Added version compatibility for current and future updates

As you see, I've dropped the beta status of TetraGems because I think the game is now finished and fully functioning. I will keep working on it, but at a slower rate though. Not to mention, I have to work on some of the server side scripts to keep the database in good working order and add features that'll remove old and inactive players from the database.

There are still a few options I would want to add to Tetragems, but as said, I'll be taking them on a slow pace for now. I'd rather start and focus on the new game I've posted last week about

As always, you can download the latest version of TetraGems from the Google Play store, or just let your Android device update the game. Alternatively, you can download the .APK file from my dropbox.

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