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  22 October 2014 - Baby steps into 3D :: Posted in 3D modelling
I have totally no experience in 3D modelling, other than the few simple things I've made in Second Life. But 3D modelling in Second Life is something totally different compared to what you need to do when making games. There for I have bought a couple of 'simple' 3D modelling programs in the past and having started a new project I'll have to make a start on learning how to use 3D modelling programs...

The first steps are easy to learn, but it didn't come *THAT* easy to me though. Things I need to start with are basic things like tiles, walls and such stuff. You know, simple 3D cubes shaped and cut on one or two sides. But texturing them was a but harder though...
The program I'm using for this job (RaySupreme 3D) includes a lot of texture materials and has lots of colouring options, but having no clue what I'm doing doesn't make things easier. Oh yeah, it does have a pretty solid tutorial, but as I've written a lot in the past: I'm one of experience instead of reading. I need to see how something is done and I get the idea, reading what to do without clear (visual) examples I normally screw things up badly. And the same thing applies to RaySupreme 3D...

So having read and tried to follow the instructions on how to apply a texture material to the (simple) 3D objects I made I failed big-time. Instead I decided to go do he trial & error approach and that worked perfectly for me

At this moment I have some very basic 3D objects (walls and tiles) to get myself started on building the new project, meaning I can get started on making 3D mazes that I need for the game and convert them into data so that I can build them in the game later on

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