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  07 November 2014 - Blender for Dummies :: Posted in 3D modelling
Having taken Blender as my 3D modelling program, the next step is learning to master it. That's easier said than done though. Blender has so many options and quite an odd interface that mastering will take a while. That while I have already made a couple of basic objects that I need for my upcoming game...

To learn to master Blender, I've downloaded a lot of eBooks for Blender (YAY The Pirate Bay!) to see what's out there and worth to read and perhaps buy. In that bunch of eBooks there were 2 editions of Blender for Dummies. Knowing the ...for Dummies series they explain everything pretty well and are an asset to have.

The old (2009) edition was a 100% scan, while the 2nd edition (2011 and current) was an OCR scan. Because of the odd OCR scan (why do people even use that in an age where everyone has Mbps connections?) I decided to take a look at the older edition. As expected it looked decent with good and clear explanations and examples.

No need to look further I thought and immediately ordered the 2011 edition at our local (online) bookstore (yes, bol.com) last Sunday. Sadly the book was not on stock and I had to wait 3-4 days. and with the mail being late, I only had it yesterday and started reading today. The book indeed is good and helps a lot understanding Blender, it's options and how to navigate through that odd interface. Though I've only read the introduction and the first chapter so far, I think this book will really help me a lot with my upcoming and future games

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