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  03 January 2015 - Manga for Dummies #1 :: Posted in Drawing art
It's been quite a while since I've posted my first post here. July last year I wanted to become more active on drawing art, but somehow it just didn't get started back then. Ever since the will to draw was there, but time (and effort) was lacking. With that I also noticed that the books I bought back then were lacking some simple basics as well...

Now that my MMO gaming gets less and less it's becoming time to get really started on drawing. The last two days I made a start with the book Manga for Dummies. After a lot of theory that I've taken to me it was time to bring it into art.

 photo MangaLessons1_zps95551c21.png

Well, art...? I still have a long way to go as you can see. But the basics are there already. Okay, I admit, the ovals come from stencils (and drawn with the mouse, while the tablet has different pressure settings) and the left 'face' not yet looking 100% as a face. But the basics are there already - it's a learning curve I have to master...

And speaking of mastering... There's also an other thing I need to master. I was used to draw with pencil and paper (well, that's over 20 years ago already), and now I'm drawing with the tablet. And it's the tablet that gives a lot of trouble to get used to drawing on the computer. Though it's a Wacom Intous Pro (small), I don't see at the tip of the (digital) pencil what I'm drawing. Instead I have to get used to looking on the screen when I'm drawing. Because of that 'problem' the above drawing took me about an hour to make

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