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  08 January 2015 - Manga for Dummies #5 - the eyes :: Posted in Drawing art
I didn't really feel like drawing yesterday, partly thanks to a massive headache I had (which was quite a while ago I must add). So today I picked it up again and started anew with the eyes.

This time I tried to keep the eyes a bit 'in sync' when looking from the front and the side, and I think I did manage it a bit as well. If you look at the iris, you'll notice that this time the lines are quite at the same place in the side few as they appear at the front view.

 photo MangaLessons2b1-1_zpsd1f8331b.png

I've split up the drawing in 2 parts. The drawing above is the 'finished' first picture with the contours of how I have to continue for the picture below. I on purpose did it this way because most of the eyeball itself had to be erased. I know that I could have added one or two more layers to do the job, but I'd rather be save than sorry and screw up the drawing all together - do keep in mind that I'm still a (re)starting artist

 photo MangaLessons2b2-1_zps7de36a9f.png

Above is the finished drawing. In the book the artist has drawn the shadows on the iris 100% black, but I think that's in error because shadow is never 100% black, while your pupil is. And while there are still a couple of things I think I could have done better (eyelashes), I am quite pleased with the end result.

Tomorrow and this weekend I'll practice a bit more on the eyes. I most likely won't post the results of those drawings, unless I really make an extremely beautiful one...

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