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  01 March 2015 - bHosted to phase out PHP 5.2 & MySQL 4 :: Posted in I am Blog (canceled project)
It was something that was bound to happen. bHosted (my webhost) has (finally) sent an announcement that they'll start to phase out the 12-year old PHP 5.2 and MySQL 4 systems in favor of their newer versions PHP 5.3 and 5.5 and MySQL 5.

From the security perspective I think this is a good move, because the newer versions will receive updates, while the older ones won't. But in the past I've had problems to get the I am Blog project to run on PHP 5.3. I have never found any reason why the I am Blog project wouldn't run on PHP 5.3 and thus kept running under PHP 5.2. But now it's time to figure out WHY the I am Blog project won't run on PHP 5.3. I'm even thinking to skip PHP 5.3 all together and make the I am Blog code compatible with PHP 5.5 immediately.

Right now I've only been talking about the PHP part, while there will also be a MySQL update. I don't think this won't be too much a problem for the I am Blog project. I have already transferred the database to a MySQL 5 one without any problem. I guess that the queries I'm using in the I am Blog code to get data from the database won't have changed too much.

This means coming weeks I'll be trouble shooting the I am Blog code on the new platforms. Guess it also means that I have to update the local server that I have installed as well. I just hope that the migration to PHP 5.5 and MySQL 5 won't need too much change in code...

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