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  07 March 2015 - Conversion PHP 5.5 & MySQL 5 done :: Posted in I am Blog (canceled project)

After a week of rebuilding the PHP code of the I am Blog project, I finally got the job done today

Though all is working as intended again, I did have to change editor. The old SPAW editor I was using is no longer compatible with PHP 5.5 (it was with PHP 5.3 though), but having learned that the author of the SPAW editor has quit programming PHP about 5 years ago, I figured it would not be worth the effort to keep the I am Blog site I'm using (which is hidden for you ) work under PHP 5.3 and wait till my webhost discontinues that version of PHP.

Therefor I went on a search for a new WYSIWYG editor for the I am Blog script. I have tried half a dozen of those, to end up with the Froala editor. This editor has about the same functionality as the SPAW editor has and is free for non-commercial use (pretty important for me ). One of the most important features the Froala editor  has over most other WYSIWYG editors is that I can switch between the output text and the HTML code of the text that I'm writing. This feature is mainly important to me for the YouTube movies I've posted on the Pages from Sages blog, though the Froala editor has a button to do this native. But at least, using the HTML code I can drop stuff there that the editor does not support by buttons.
One thing I did notice about the Froala editor is that it does force HTML5 code. Tags like <center></center> are no longer available and should be handled through the paragraph tags (<p align=center></p>, and I'm sure there are other things I need to get used to in the near future

Having updated the I am Blog script to PHP 5.5 and MySQL 5 I did notice quite an increase in speed. I didn't realize that they'd make such a difference in reading the database (which is where the increased speed comes from), and if I'd have known it before I would have made the upgrade already long ago...

Last but not least, looking at the code of the I am Blog scripts, I found that I could do a lot of stuff with less code. Having added 2 more blogs that run with the script, I had to make quite a couple of if..then..else exceptions, and with a small change in coding I could eliminate all but 2 instances. I will take a look at those later on and see if I can even eliminate those.
And speaking of changing the code. I also bumped into the old calendar I was writing somewhere around 2011 (yes, during my last burn-out). I will pick this one up again andlook at some of the other features I wanted to add as well. But there's no real hurry for me on it though, because I'm busy on the Unity Bubbles project at the moment, which has all proirity...

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