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  10 March 2015 - Database updated :: Posted in TetraGems (released)

I've been busy with a lof of PHP and MySQL updates the last two weeks. The main database I had to update was for my I am Blog project, which I finished last weekend. While updating the I am Blog project I already made a start on the (small) PHP script that connects TetraGems with the databases that holds the world (and your) high scores. Sadly, I worked on some old PHP scripts for TetraGems and I had to start from scratch today. Well, scratch..? I already knew what needed to be changed so it should be pretty easy.

And I was right on that! This morning I updated the old (and right ) scripts for TetraGems and uploaded them for the test server. The tests all went well and an hour ago I decided to upload the new scripts to the live server as well. Though I announced in my tweet that your scores would suffer interruption (meaning it would not load or save), I was wrong on that part...

As of right now, the old database has been completely removed and TetraGems will continue to run normally and keep tracks on your high scores as it did in the past. One good thing though, the new database is a lot faster than the old one, nihilating the chance for errors (though I have never seen that happen).

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