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  15 April 2015 - Animation blues :: Posted in Burst-a-Bubble (project)

I have finally figured out how to rid myself of a warning in Unity that animations should be marked legacy (and as always the solution was extremely simple). That was with a test animation of a humanoid I made...

Now to the Bubbles project... Knowing how to import animations and make them work, I took the 4 sets of animations (a total of around 20 animations) and tried to get them working. To my surprise those animations didn't show up in Unity's camera. The only difference between these animations and the test animation is the lack of 'skeleton bones'.

Of course, for a humanoid you need to create a skeleton with bones so that movement of arms and legs goes well and all stays in place (it would be very odd to have a lower arm float away from the body ), while just a couple of bubbles don't need them. But that's not true for Unity (and probably every other engine out there) - animations do need bones to have the sprites (bubbles in my case) linked to them.

This means that I have a lot of work to do (adding the bones) to get my animations for the Bubbles project to work...

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