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  18 April 2015 - Still no movie with commentary :: Posted in Burst-a-Bubble (project)

I know I've promised you a sneak-preview movie with my commentary this week (last week actually ), but I found yet an other problem (read: MAJOR BUG) with the game and yet I'm not sure if this is a bug I made or something that's not right in Unity...

To get into technical details, I'm writing the Bubbles project in 'Scenes'. These 'scenes allow me to let each one take care of their own part of the game. So far I have made 3 of them - one for the game's menu, an other one for the game's animations/movies and the last one holding the actual game. According to the documentation, when I load a scene using Application.LoadLevel(), all game objects (and data linked to them) in the previous scene should be destroyed. Sadly though this is not the case in the Bubbles project. I am either doing something terribly wrong or there is something wrong with the way Unity clears up data from memory using this method and thus has a bug in it.

I have already asked about this issue on the Unity forums and so far there is no solution yet to this problem, other than what I've come up with myself and that's clearing all data before building up the new level.

And that's exactly why there's no sneak-preview movie yet. I have to play-test the game thoroughly again and find out what data stays in memory but is not allowed to stay in memory. You can imagine that things like scores and such (which I pass on the right way between scenes) really doesn't matter if that stays in memory. But stuff concerning the previous level you played (like a list of special objectives you have to hit) are more serious and should be cleared 'manually' when starting to build the level.

At this moment I'm still using Unity 4.6.3.f1 for the Bubbles project, but I think I'll give the new Unity 5 a try and see if this issue has been resolved. If it has, there's one less reason for me to stick with Unity 4.6 (TetraGems was build using Unity 4.3)...

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