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  01 May 2015 - Overhauling the graphics :: Posted in Burst-a-Bubble (project)

I've taken a good look at how the Bubbles project looks like and honestly, I think it's a bit boring. Though most of the graphics are still conceptional, a whole field of bubbles that are just static isn't very appealing to look at. That means I'll have to overdo the graphics of the bubbles and make them animated (YAY for Spriter Pro ). And while at it I decided to start from the beginning: the main menu. That one doesn't have any thing definitive yet - heck, it's all simple graphics to represent menu options and such

The first one to be made is the volume options button. Below is the conceptual icon of it's static appearance. Of course, this one will be animated as well. I'm thinking to let the speaker itself show some bass being played and the notes displayed will come in from the centre and flow out for a couple of seconds before they fade out again (Spriter Pro can easily handle that).

 photo Speaker 2_zps1jwhdyam.png

When the volume options button is don I'll continue with the remaining buttons that have to be added to the game's main menu. After that I'll start on a complete new bubble itself and (finally) start on the chains, keys and padlocks as well. I'm not sure if I'll let the items be animated or just look good. Perhaps a small animation can be added...

And I realize that I've still got that promise of the sneak preview movie. I'll make that coming weekend so you can see how the game looks now and later compare it with the new animated graphics...

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