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  21 June 2015 - Solve a (rare) glitch and more changes SOON™ :: Posted in TetraGems (released)

Working on Burst-a-Bubble has given me a lot of understanding of how Unity works with Android. It also has given me more insight on how to work around certain problems. Being an old-school (BASIC and Pascal) programmer, I really had to get used to the 'new way' of programing. Now about 20 months after I started on TetraGems I think I can say I have mastered C# (the language I use in Unity) enough to pick up TetraGems again and fix some issues...

The changes that I will make are:
  - Fix a rare glitch that cause the gems to get out of sync with the grid. A real annoying one but luckily it happes very rarely.
  - Add SWIPE controls to the game (yup I figured out how to do it )
  - Overhaul the user interfaec (UI). Much like the SWIPE thing, I figured out how to get the UI work better and make it exactly how I want it to be.
  - Change the gems that I'm using. The ones in the game right now come from Bejeweled and I promised in a commentary movie once that I'd replace them. Now is the time for that replacement...
  - More changes most likely as well, not sure yet which ones though...

Do not expect me to have made the changes overnight though. These changes will include a lot of recoding of the game and that means also that I have to test it a lot before I'm 100% certain the new version is okay to be released.

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