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  11 July 2015 - 2 new projects :: Posted in Unity3D

I've just started on 2 new projects for Unity3D. These are not games, but more shells to be incorporated with games later on and that's exactly why I'm posting it here and not on the AE games blog...

The first one is the framework for a 2D scrolling camera with deadzones. It's meant for the player to walk along a large map (larger than the camera can who, much like walking in a city and you only see the current street you're in). Youc an move freely within the deadzone which has it's borders on 1/4th from the screen's end. As long as you walk within this deadzone, the camera is not moving, but as soon as you 'cross the border', you'll be at the end of the deadzone and the camera starts to move.

As you can see in the movie above, I've also made the clouds to move slower than the character. I thought I should add this feature for (possible) future platform games to emulate a 3D-view, much like the old Mario games (amongst others) already had included in their game.

Both scripts for this 2D scrolling camera are much alike and use the layer the sprite is on to determine the speed of scrolling. I will fine tune the whole thing to make movement with joystick to match the 'pressure' put on the stick to slow and speed up movement...

The second project I've started on is coding the 'Revises(v3.5) System Reference Document'. Though this might not say a lot, it's basically the d20 fantasy system as used in Dungeons & Dragons 3.5, which also was the basis for the Pathfinder Role Playing System. Since up to now there's no RPG system available yet for Unity3D, I decided it was time to print the whole thing and put it into code.

I'll aim to get this v3.5 SRD (both Fantasy and Modern) to be released for the Unity Asset Store and see if I can earn some money from it. Of course, I also want to release it for the Unity Asset Store to allow more developers to make RPGs based on the pretty well done d20 system (I know I'm not allowed to call it that, but that name is more known than v3.5 SRD )

Along with this v3.5 SRD I will also make a custom version for myself (which actually means I'm doing a 3rd project as well...). This custom version will be more skill than the d20 system is. I'm thinking to incorporate the skill system used in the Alternity RPG system. So far I think Alternity has the best skill based system ever made for pen-n-paper RPGs. Sadly it never got the attention it deserved AND Wizards of the Coast kinda let it die when they took over TSR

I know that incorporating a skill based system in a level based RPG might be pretty contriversial, but I'm pretty sure I can pull this off. Not only because I know both RPG systems pretty well, but also because I've played them both as player and GM...

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