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  19 August 2015 - Bullet Hell in preparation of RPG :: Posted in Unity3D

The last week I haven't worked on the d20 project at all, but instead I've made a start on a new (side)project to learn some more ropes in Unity3D. This side project is a Bullet Hell game, and while I'm no lover of that genre, it is the best way to get to know the stuff I need when making my upcoming 2D isometric RPG game (for which I've started on the d20 project )

I know it sounds odd to make a Bullet Hell game in preperation for an RPG game, but let me explain why it's not that odd...
The RPG game I want to make will be something like Baldur's Gate, where you walk across and explore the map. The best way to do this is not by moving the map (and everything on it) around, but instead move the camera (with your character locked inside that camera) over the map. And while walking across the map, everything that's outside a certain range of the camera will not be displayed at all. When you move in a direction, the items on that part of the map will be displayed (just outside the camera, only to be seen when you get closer) and everything you leave behind (once again just outside the range of the camera) will be destroyed. Of course, the plain basic map itself (like the blueprint on which everything is displayed) will not be created/destroyed, OR will be done so in real huge chunks.

Now the Bullet Hell game that I'm making is sort-of using the same principle of the RPG map that I want to make with the only difference that it's a side-scrolling game. This game has a lot of points stored in memory where certain things must be spawned (like enemy ships), which will only be spawned around 500 pixels outside of the camera. When these things move out of the screen on the other side, they will be removed around 250 pixels from the border. This way the performance of the game is assured to be at the maximum while I can make enormous levels with 1000s of ships that are out there for your blood

Though it's only a small (side)project, I'm not sure if I will make this game ever available to the public. For now it's more a learning project for me than something to make a finished game of. I realize I might get wild on it though and add more features and an actual story and then the Bullet Hell might become a real game for release

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