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  06 September 2015 - Burst-a-Bubble continues development :: Posted in Burst-a-Bubble (project)

Okay, it was not one month on-hold, but a bit longer. The d20 project is coming along fine, but I had to take a full break to coding for 2 weeks. With the d20 project being extremely big, I decided to head back to Burst-a-Bubble again.

First and most importantly, I have finally managed to get the animations imported into Unity without too much fuzz. The old plugin I used to import the Spriter Pro animations is no longer functioning with Unity 5 and depends on a full boned animation. The new one I found (Spriter2UnityDX) has been made with Unity 5 in mind AND imports every animation made - even those without bones! And to make things better, this plugin also converts the Spriter Pro animations to 100% Unity animations without using any additional scripts

Though I haven't started on coding today, with the solution to the animation problem, I have been working on the animations a bit more to get them right (some were for old game mechanics which have changed along the way). When these animations are working as the game does, I'll head back to level design and making art for the menus and backgrounds.

I will not yet set a release date, but I will make an initial release for Android (you should have at least a 7" display or it's really small and almost unplayable) with the first 10-20 levels. After the Android release I will add new levels till I think there are enough to keep you busy for hours to come. When the Android version is running as I want (and with enough levels), I will add more animations for a Windows release , which will be released later this year.

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