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  28 April 2016 - ...or stick with Unity3D..? :: Posted in General

Earlier this month I posted about a possible change to Unreal Engine because the RPG a friend is working on will be build in that engine. Of course, being invited I figured to change to Unreal Engine, but now I'm not so sure anymore. Reason for this change of mind is twofold....

First off, I've recently done my annual tax stuff and looking at it, I saw the monetary investments I've done last year and they are already pretty hefty. Including the investments I've done in 2014 the total is a bit over €900 already (approximately $1000). And while some of that invenstment is on generic tools that I can also use for Unreal Engine (talking about €560 here), a lot of tools I've bought are Unity specific.

The other reason is probably more important to cosider sticking to Unity3D, and that's my knowledge of the engine and the C# programming language. Certainly with the d20 project my knowledge of both is growing exponantionally and I think it's a real waste to hop to a new development environment. With that, Microsoft also has made .NET for Linux and Unity3D is very busy on making a Linux client (running the beta now), while Unreal sticks to Windows and Mac as platforms for it's client.

The only reason to change to Unreal Engine would be to make 'better looking' games. But I doubt that'd be something I really want. I'm an indie developer and I won't be able to make a game looking like a AAA title. I even don't want to make one looking like that, because of all the ranting that'd be done by the players when something isn't like they want (wich is 'extremely normal' by the average spoiled AAA gamer). I'd much rather make something I like and if it looks less like an AAA title but the gameplay is okay, then I'm already happy. And for that Unity3D is a good engine for me to use...

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