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  09 July 2016 - Redefining the Bubbles :: Posted in Burst-a-Bubble (project)

While busy with the re-coding of TetraGems I had an idea for a new game. This game would include some of the basics of Burst-a-Bubble along with the gems from TetraGems. Thinking this new idea over I figured 'Why not use the Bubbles instead of Gems?'. After all, the graphics for them has been made already. This means that the initial idea of Burst-a-Bubble will be trashed. This idea, though at the basics seemed viable for a fun game, my implementation was not. The new idea will make the game more fun AND challenging to play.

What the revised version of Burst-a-Bubble will look like..? That's one thing I won't spoil yet... But I can assure you that the old way I've made the game will get quite an overhaul but yet will keep a lot of the original gameplay as I wanted to include it (meaning the chains, locks and keys), while new game features will be added. Also, the new way I want to make Burst-a-Bubble will also be a way that it'll be fun to play on the PC.

For now I won't start on the new Burst-a-Bubble game though. First I need to work on TetraGems, which has more priority for now...

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