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  28 August 2016 - Tetragems version 0.96 released :: Posted in TetraGems (released)

It's taken me a while, but the new version of TetraGems is readyt and released on the Google's Play store. Below is a list of the most important fixes and changes.

  • Removed the game's autorisations for Phone and Device ID & Call information (have no clue how they ended up in the previous version to start with)
  • Updated the AdMob advertisement system to the current 'standard'
  • Optimized the code by giving the menu system and the actual game their own scene
  • Using the new Unity3D UI system, offering more flexibility to make changes later
  • Implemented encryption for the data storage on your Android device
  • Convert stored data to the new encryption system

  • There is one issue that I am aware of where on certain devices the leaderboard (top-20 world high scores) will not fit into the bit 'O' block.

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