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  13 November 2016 - GEOvox and RPG project start :: Posted in Unity3D

I know it's been very quiet the last few months from my side, but that's because of therapy and meds kicking in (with extreme fatigue as a side effect). None the less, I am busy on things and one of them is creating a MASSIVE map with GEOvox for a (hopefully) upcoming RPG I'll be making with my brother.

The maps I'm creating at the moment is a dwarven hold, which will resamble one of the many landmarks from the pen-n-paper RPG we've played back in teh early 90s and which is a creation of my brother. Luckily he still has a lot of lore (on paper) available from that world and luckily I still had the 2D map (made with Campaigh Cartographer) in .BMP format.

While I do realize that RPG projects are one of the most failed gaming projects around, my brother and I both decided to give it a go and see where things will go. If for some reason the project takes to long or will fail, at least we did get a lot of experience out of it and can use it for future projects

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