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  24 September 2014 - 0.80 released and 0.81 hotfix incoming :: Posted in TetraGems (released)
Last weekend I finally managed to get the world and personal high scores to work properly and thus I released the 0.80 version of TetraGems. But it seemed that this release was just a bit too soon...

With my sister in-law sleeping over for a couple of days, I could snatch her Samsung Galaxy S5 and noticed that the newly created icons and some of the old ones were not the same size as they should be. I clearly made a baddy on the size of them Also with the Galaxy 5S having a  full HD screen (why on earth does a mobile phone have a resolution of 1920x1080? ) the icons overall were a bit smaller than on the phones till now.

For the extremely small icons I'll release a hotfix later today, and for the support of the HS screen of the Galaxy 5S (and prolly a few other phones) I will make an update to fix the size in a future update.

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  14 September 2014 - Main problem with Android PlayerPrefs fixed :: Posted in TetraGems (released)
Last week I ran into a problem with the PlayerPrefs on the Android phone. The game ran perfectly smooth on the PC and PlayerPrefs were made and stored without problem, but when I made the .APK file for the Android phone, the PlayerPrefs were stored into the database, but not on the device where they were reset to default again.

Today I finally figured out why the PlayerPrefs were not stored on the Android phone - THEY WERE STORED. The problem I encountered (READ: made ) was the check if the connection with the database went well. I made one check too much, which was no problem when running TetraGems on the PC, but the phone bumped that check and thus restored values to default.

Now that this problem is found and fixed I'll be able to test TetraGems on my phone and if all goes well I'll be able to release the 0.80 Beta version SOON(tm)

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  29 August 2014 - Errors in leaderboard queries :: Posted in TetraGems (released)
It's a good thing that I'm check, double check and triple check again from time to time.

Where I thought the SQL queries I made for the leaderboards, I made one big error. In certain cases, the output would not show the right values. These cases were created (by accident) by myself when testing the creation of new profiles on the Android device and I accidentally made profiles with the same name (yes, that's possible at the moment - I might change this later on though).

The fix was easy to be made and has been done already. And while I was at it I also checked all other queries I had made, but those are working fine. That means I'll head back to the drawingboard and will be finishing the current beta of the game and release it next week (from the looks of it - no promises made because I don't know what else I'll find that's not working as intended)

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  29 July 2014 - A very productive weekend :: Posted in TetraGems (released)
Last couple of days my wife and I have been on a visit to her sister and parents on Ameland. It's a nice isle, but sadly there's not much to do. So to avoid boredom I decided to bring my laptop along as well as the TetraGems code to work a bit on it (I haven't posted any updates about the TetraGems development, but I have been working on it the last couple of weeks).

As expected, the small holiday was nice, but during certain hours there indeed was nothing to do. So I picked up the laptop quite a lot and have been working on the connection to the online database that holds the high score lists as well as the local storage of the players profile.

All work went well, but sadly I wasn't able to test a lot of stuff, other than locally. We stayed at my sister in-law's house, who doesn't have WiFi, making it very hard to test a couple of features I have added for the local profile storage

And while I think I've made the whole profile thing working well, I won't be working on it today. This morning at 5am we woke up to have the first boat and be home early. And though we were early at home, the two of us are dead tired now (it's a 4 hours trip from Ameland to our home). That's mean I'll take day off of programming and will be working on TetraGems again tomorrow and the rest of the week - I'm still having the rest of the week off from my main job...

If things will go well in the test as I hope they will (after having added the security hashing to the local profile), I will make a new beta version available next week. Please do note, that the local profile might be working then, but the actual high score list could still be subject of deletion in that version...

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  08 May 2014 - A bit rusty on PHP :: Posted in TetraGems (released)
Last few days I've made some workflows for the PHP part of the leaderboards. Making the workflows was easy as hell. I know what I want and what has to be done. But writing it...

It's been close to 2 years now since I last used PHP to work with (I made this whole blogging system with it), but as I haven't really used it since and have changed to C#, getting back to linear scripting is pretty hard

Because I'm being a bit rusty, I've changed the approach on writing the PHP script part a bit. I'm literally following the workflow as I have written it. Making it easier for me to get back into PHP (which I will need for my next project as well).

How much easier..? I've cut it all down into the parameters I'll be passing to the PHP script to handle the database. Written small pieces of code bit by bit *pun intended* to make the processing of the parameters possible. From there on I'll make checks if these parameters match as they should. When the parameters are approved, the database will be consulted for read, write or update instructions.

Because I'm a bit rusty on PHP, the leaderboard creation will be delayed a bit. But I'm confident that by the end of the month it'll all be up and running..

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  05 May 2014 - Had a long delay on development :: Posted in TetraGems (released)
When shit happens, it really hits the fan at our house After the crash of the harddisk, my motherboard also died. Until now I'm still not sure if that old harddisk is usable, but with the amount of errors it gave I guess it's not. The old motherboard on the other side really was borged and has been replaced by now. Sadly though, I also had to buy new RAM as well because the old motherboard used DDR2...

After that problem had been dealt with, I got sick for a couple of days and had to stay in bed. Fever was running high and I had a real bad cold. The headache that I had because of the cold stayed for close to a week, but that's gone now.

In the mean time I had a week's leave from work, and the weather as good here in Holland. That means that I finally had time to repair the frame of a window and today I did the last things for the repairs.

Then there was also the Alpha release of ArcheAge, and I'm kinda hooked to that MMORPG. I won't come up with excuses for the time played, but I had fun and really needed it after those 2 horrible weeks I've had and the hard work on the repairs of the window frame.

Good news is that tomorrow I'll be back to work (the daytime job), and will get back to programming on TetraGems as well. I did do some database work already for the leaderboard and I think I have the best setup for it right now. Only thing that was left to do was install the local PHP/MySQL server for testing and the PHP editor.

Stay tuned, I expect the new version of TetraGems early next week!

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  22 April 2014 - Continue development :: Posted in TetraGems (released)
Sadly I didn't loose 5 days on Tetragems, but instead I've lost close to 2 weeks of development. All thanks to that harddrive and motherboard that were dieing. Because of it I had to reinstall Windows twice (once after the HDD replacement and again after the motherboard replacement) along with all development tools and reconfigure them again. Then the Easter weekend popped in and I didn't really feel like working on TetraGems then, but instead take a break of all reinstall stress and relax by playing games...

By now I'm all set to continue the development on TetraGems again. This morning I have applied the last configuration to Unity and I even managed to get my Android phone to work as remove devide, something not really required for TetraGems, but it is required for the upcoming project I have in mind

I left off with the leaderboard two weeks ago, and that's where I'll continue now. Showing the leaderboard itself is already complete, but now I have to start on the actual server side (PHP) scripting. Though I do have a working example already, I will add a lot of extra security to the script (like require_once(config.php) and exclude that file from accessing through .htaccess).

But for now, get ready for the day, grab a shower, get shaved, make breakfast and go to work..

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